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"Acceptance" explores the place I called home where I spent half of my childhood in Barbados.

This project is particularly interesting for me because I had very negative feelings towards the move from Canada to this small island when I was 10 years old. I rejected everything tropical: from flowers, to smells, to the ocean and even the heat.

With time, I've come to accept and appreciate what this little rock has given me. I've accepted that this is the place where my children have grown up, that has provided them safety, family, love, and a particular childhood with a freedom I don't believe they could have gotten anywhere else.

This house also gave me my future. I was a safe haven for me when I needed it the most, and it was the place where love grew between my husband and I.

As much as I repelled this home at 10, in my 30's I've come to love and accept it.

A girl and her swing
The Safe Haven