A girl and her swing
Aniya Emtage Photography
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A girl and her swing

This rope means everything to me. To someone walking the grounds, it is discarded rope that needs to be tossed. To me, it means freedom.

You see, just a year after we moved to Barbados, I desperately wanted a swing. It was in the moment of life, when I longed for solitude.

On September 26th, 1992, I came home from school to find that my parents had gotten a swing made for my birthday and put it on a tree far away from the house. That swing was my spot. It was my freedom, It was my daydreaming zone, it was my nighttime under the stars... It was where I could think and believe in whatever I wanted, all while I had my head back and my legs in the air… I loved that swing.

As years went on, and I moved out of that house and from Barbados. The wood on the swing eventually rotted, the iron parts rusted, and the rope finally gave way- as many things do in life.

My little 12-year-old hands held this rope once, and seeing it here makes me happy.

Location: Upton Road, Barbados.