The Safe Haven
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The Safe Haven

This little cottage above the house was built as my dad’s office. However, he never used it. We ended up having this fantastic space that was empty.

That was until, as a broken human, I returned to Barbados from California alone with my two babies. My mom let me transform up there into my little apartment. I had two daughters under 2 years old, and so alone time was non-existent. This space allowed me, like my swing, to be alone. To clear my head and to think and to dream. I did a lot of thinking up there.

But this little house gave me so much more. It gave me my confidence back, I gained strength again, it allowed me grow, to find myself again, to date again, to explore people again, and finally, to fall in love again. I owe so much to this small space.

Location: Upton Road, Barbados.