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What is your style?

This is such an interesting question because there is really no one way to answer this. Just as there are many aspects of your wedding that will make it uniquely yours, from the details you’ve poured your soul (and your money) into, to getting ready with the most special people in your lives, the dress you’ve chosen, the first look, to the ceremony, to everyone who loves you the most celebrating with you, to the end of the night when you kick off your fabulous Louboutains or Converse - everything is covered, but will be done in different ways.

What does that mean, “different ways?” I cover your wedding day primarily in a photojournalistic manner. This means I interfere as little as possible during your day. I am certainly not a fly on the wall (you’ll see!). I get to know everyone; I talk with your guests and will break down barriers so that they are comfortable with me. Why? Because your day is not a photo shoot. It is a string of memories that are to be captured and my job is to make everyone so comfortable with me, that they remain themselves so that I can capture the true essence of the day. From the funny, to the moments that evoke raw emotion, I photograph it all.

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Having said that, I strongly believe that it is absolutely necessary to make wonderful portraits of you and your partner, together and alone. How often do we wear the most beautiful attire of our lives? So while I did mention before that your wedding day is not a photo shoot, we will spend about 45 minutes together making gorgeous, timeless portraits of you.

How involved are you before our wedding day?

As involved as I can get! Here’s the thing, in order to make unique images that speak to your story, I need to get to know you pretty well. And that comes with me being included in the planning process. To make your epic day even more incredible, I like to be aware of what’s happening and when. So your MOH is planning a surprise? Let all involved know to please get in touch with me so I can be made aware of the plans so that I can document it!

The other pretty major part of your wedding that I’m involved in is the creation of your timeline. It is critical that I work with you or your planner to come up with a timeline that gives us all of the needed time for photos. The earlier we start, the better!

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How many photographers do we have for our wedding. Can you provide a second photographer?

The lovely thing about my Collections is that you can create a custom collection that works perfectly for your needs, and that includes having a second photographer at your wedding. My starting Collection includes me as the sole photographer, but if you feel like your needs best suit having a second shooter, that’s something we can add on. I strongly encourage you to read all about second shooters HERE.

We saw a list of required shots on a blog, can we give that list to you?
Every wedding is unique and beautiful in its own way. Every moment and every detail has a story specific to the couple, and I photograph a wedding day in a creative, honest, raw way that varies from wedding to wedding. Working from a shot list does not allow me to keep my eyes opened for your moments, because I’m ticking off a list. This is why I prefer not to take a shot list. I do ask you to list group formal photos that you’d like, but this is the extent to which I work off a list on your day.

Can you travel for my wedding?

I sure can! I am a traveler by nature, and have done many destination weddings. Aside from the collection, you only need to reimburse me for airfare, accommodation and car rental. We will also have to discuss the working visa in the destination country. If you’re interested in having me come to you, drop me a line and we can discuss making your destination wedding absolutely incredible!

Can you do video as well as photography?

I wish! (I really do). I have crazy respect for videographers. However, I leave cinematography to the experts. We are a full still photography studio, but are more than happy to recommend some pretty talented videographers for your wedding.

Can you provide us with client recommendations?

For me, there’s nothing better than being recommended by past clients. Word of mouth for us is key. However, I respect my client’s privacy and do not give out their personal information. If you’d like to read up on our 5 Star reviews, check us out on Google!

I can’t wait to see our photos! How long will this take to get the files?

I know this is such an anxious wait for you! You spend sometimes over a year planning this incredibly beautiful day, and then the day comes. It goes by in a blur, and all you want is photographic evidence of that day! You want to see your portraits and the moments you didn’t get to see. I get it. However, it does take time to create artwork from your wedding. Galleries go live 6 - 8 weeks post wedding date. All of your images are hand selected and individually edited to ensure maximum artistry. This takes time and not anything I want to rush.

If you’ve ordered an album, once you have approved the design, it will take roughly 12 weeks to be delivered to you.

How many photos do we get?

Every wedding is different, and this is reflected when it comes to the number of images. Please remember the old adage “quality over quantity”. I know you want to see everything, but everything includes half closed eyes, mouths opened in the middle of conversation etc. Our job is to curate your gallery to give you the best, most beautiful representation of your day through images. Although we don’t have a hard and fast number we stick to, you can average about 50 images for every hour of photography.

Can we get copyright of our images?

When clients ask about obtaining the copyright to the images, I have to make sure we are all on the same page as to what “copyright” is. As the creator of the artwork (your images), I will forever retain ownership of and copyright to the images and can use the images in my Studio, for promotional/educational material, competition etc. By purchasing the files, you have been giving permission to download and print the images to your heart’s content, as long as it is only for personal use. If you wish to use the images outside of personal use, you must maintain explicit permission from me as the owner of the copyright of all works created.

Can we get the RAW unedited files?

Our job is to present you with a gallery and an album of beautifully created images that will stand the test of time. This is the time when I check in with my clients to ensure they know what a RAW file is. A RAW file is a file that can only be read with specific programs like Photoshop. This massive file cannot be printed; it can only be opened and edited. I like to think of the RAW files as ingredients for a fantastic chocolate cake made by your favorite Baker. You have seen all the bakers beautiful cakes and the artwork is divine on this cake! Asking for the RAW file is akin to going to the baker and asking for the ingredients they use in their cake and going home to try and replicate the chocolate cake in the store. Our job is to provide you with that final, gorgeous, handcrafted “cake” or image. We would be doing a massive disservice to our clients if we said, “here are the ingredients for these images, now do it yourself”. Let us make that beautiful cake for you!

Can we see all of the images you took?

Unfortunately you cannot see all of the outtakes. There are true outtakes on the wedding day that includes people with eyes closed, someone walking in front of the camera etc. The outtakes are immediately removed from the memory and are therefore not available. Don’t worry; we don’t keep the good stuff from you!

Do you need to attend our Rehearsal Ceremony?

I have shot many-a-wedding-ceremony without attending the rehearsal ceremony as it is not absolutely necessary. However, if you feel really strongly about my attending your wedding rehearsal, you can easily book me to attend your rehearsal, and that’s perfectly fine, too! Contact me for rehearsal bookings!

Will we get one of these cool customized USB sticks?

Do you remember those Floppy “A” drives? Or the cassette tape? Or even the CD? We believe the USB is on that long list of “very-soon-to-be” obsolete technological things of the past. As such, we don’t provide USD sticks. Everything you need to view, access and download your files is right at your fingertips with the online gallery.

Can we split up your hours of coverage?

Photography time coverage is continuous, and this includes travel time between venues and dinnertime etc. There are some cases, however, where there is a “stop” in time during the wedding day. We do offer “wait time” wait fee of $100 per hour of wait time.

I want to book you, how do I do this?

Fabulous! I am beyond thrilled to be commissioned to document your wedding! Get in touch to see if I'm available on your date!